Today’s car rentals rife with hidden fees, gimmicky charges

Today’s car rentals rife with hidden fees, gimmicky charges
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“It used to be that car-rental companies made it as easy as possible to get you signed up and on the road,” said Consumer Reports senior editor Jeff Blyskal. “These days consumers need to slow things down and be more guarded to make sure they don’t pay more than necessary.”

Consumers always have the final say when it comes to add-on services and liability coverage. The article recommends watching out for these pricey maneuvers when the salesperson turns up the pressure.

Rental cars are much like the mini-bar of a hotel room – everything you take out of it comes at a premium. Don’t accept any add-ons without considering the cost. This includes GPS navigation, satellite radio and child safety seats. One reader was charged $ 9.50 for $ 2 worth of tolls after using an EZ-Pass toll transponder inside his Hertz rental.

If faced with surprise surcharges dispute them with your credit card company and ask about possible hidden fees. What if you return…………… continues on Torque News
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RoomKo Hotel Supplier to Consumer is Live
News from eTravelBlackboard MICE News:
RoomKo announced its web-site is LIVE. The guest targeted site allows Hotels and Resorts in Hong Kong and Singapore to list direct property details and rates, S2C (Supplier to Consumer) has finally arrived in Asia and the Pacific.

“Web savvy travellers and planners from all over the world are booking direct with carriers; our aim is to connect Guests directly with Hotels and make the search a little less chaotic, while turning the model inside out eliminating booking fees, transaction fees and commission” said John Dale Managing Director. “We intend to climb a mountain every day, starting with Hong Kong and Singapore, within the coming weeks the rest of Asia and the Pacific will be launched, Dale explained.

Consistent with the trend, travellers are focused on independence and personalization for their leisure and corporate hotel stays, “Our goal is to augment a hotels distribution and make the guest the hotels customer, said Allan Mata Direc…………… continues on eTravelBlackboard MICE News
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